Mexican Train Domino Set Double 12

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Double 12 domino set, in a convenient aluminium storage case.

Tile size is 52x26mm
91 pieces
One plastic hub
9 coloured trains
One aluminum case



Players: 2 - 8

Object: Be the first player to play all of your dominoes.  Dominoes are played on your train, other players’ trains and the Mexican train.

Set Up: Each player chooses a coloured mini train engine to serve as their marker piece during game play. The black mini train engine marker is set aside to serve as a marker for the Mexican Train.

Shuffle dominoes face down, this is known as the "train yard." The number of dominoes (box cars) dealt to each player, is determined by the number of players as follows:

2 to 4 players - 15 dominoes

5 to 6 players - 11 dominoes

7 to 8 players - 8 dominoes

After the box cars (dominoes) have been dealt, players organize their box cars face up. The player with the highest double begins the game. The highest double serves as the "engine" for the game and is placed in the centre of the train station hub.

Playing The Game: The player who has the highest double begins the game by placing the double in the centre of the hub (as the 'engine') and starting their own personal train (if they are able). Each player must begin building his personal train by playing a box car with an end that matches the engine. (example: with 12-12 as the engine: 12-5, 5-7, 7-8, 8-11, 11-1, 1-9, and so on). Players build their personal train out from a "track" on the train station hub nearest to them. If a player has no box cars to start his personal train, he may draw in turn from the train yard until he can begin play. Each player plays one tile per turn, the only exception of this rule is when a double is played (see "doubles"). If a player has a tile that is playable, he MUST play that tile.

Box Cars: If a player cannot play any of their box cars, they must draw box cars from the train yard to play. Only one box car is drawn per turn. If it is playable, the player must play it. If it is not playable, the player adds the box car to their box car pile and play passes to the next player.

Other Players Trains: If a player can no longer play on their personal train, they take their mini train engine and place it on the last box car in their personal train. This means that other players may now play their dominoes on this player's train. When the player is able to play on their personal train again, they take back their mini engine signalling that other players may no longer play on their personal train.

Mexican Train: If a player has another tile whose end matches the engine, they may begin the Mexican Train, on which all players may play (this is usually located on an open track of the train hub or another area convenient to all players). Place the black mini- train engine marker on the end tile of the Mexican Train, to remind players that they may play on it at all times. It is always wise to start the Mexican Train as soon as possible because it gives more play options. There is only one Mexican Train in a game.

Doubles: If a player places a double, it is turned sideways (perpendicular to the domino it was played on) and they must then play a second domino to complete the double. (ex. If a 9-9 is placed, then a 9-4 would "complete the double") If the player cannot complete the double they just placed, then they must draw a box car from the train yard. If this box car is unable to be played, the player places their mini train engine marker on their personal train and says “pass".

The job of completing the double is then transferred to the next player to the left. After a double is played, all regular play is suspended until someone can complete the double.

If players cannot complete the double, they must draw once. If they are still unable to play a box car on the double, they pass and must place their mini train engine marker on their personal train, even if they had a matching tile to play on their train before the double was played.

When the double is finally completed, regular play resumes with the player to the left of the player who completed the double.

Last Tile: When any player plays their second to last box car, they must inform the other players that they have only one remaining box car by tapping their final tile on the table or with their marker. If another player catches the player failing to do so, the faulty player must draw another two box cars from the train yard. This allows other players an opportunity to lower their ending score by ridding themselves of high numbered tiles on their next turn.

Winning the Game: The game is over when one player has played their last tile or when the game is blocked because no player has a playable tile and the train yard is gone. If a player has no remaining tiles, they are the winner. If the game ends and no player has played their last tile, then all players must total the number of pips (dots) on their remaining tiles. Each blank scores 25 points and the double blank domino scores 50 points. The player with the lowest score wins.

Faster Game Play: To make each round go faster, each player may play as many tiles as possible onto their personal train on their first turn. After this first series of box cars are played, players may only lay down one domino for each turn.

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