Personally Incorrect Expansion 1

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Connect, break the ice, and interact.
Hate what you think and love what you play.
Things just got Personal.

Our designers have done it again! Reaching into the most horrendous and disgusting parts of their minds and the internet to bring you our first expansion!

One player reads a Question Card out to the group, replacing "Insert Name" with the name of a person at the table.

The other players then pick a highly-offensive answer card from their hand to give to the reader. The reader then reads the card again, one-by-one, filling in the blanks vwith the provided answers.

Once everyone is done laughing, players then vote on the answer they want to win! No dictator B.S. here; every one of the terrible people playing the game gets a say!

Ages 18+
2-10 Players

*This is an expansion for Personally Incorrect

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